19 February 2012

hidden coffee shop discovery!

My dear friend, Tracie, and I found a little hidden gem of a coffee shop/restaurant/art gallery last weekend. We were biking through a university area and saw a little gate with a sign that said "Coffee." We walked through a little outdoor corridor covered with vines and along a cobblestone path to find this dynamic, artistic, inspiring place. There are so many different little buildings and textures and staircases and decor, it's like a whole little village inside! The following photos are only of the coffee shop since the art gallery wasn't open.

{a nice suitcase and camera bag display}

{hot chocolate with chocolate drizzled along the inside of the cup.. yummm}

{tracie and her latté}

{all gone!}

{at Elf - my bike, cathy, and tracie's bike, missy. yeah, we named them}

I love bicycle adventures! Who knew such a fantastic place was lingering behind that small little gate? Needless to say, we were so excited to find such a diamond in the ruff, especially amongst countless chicken restaurants, bars, and franchise coffee shops. Places like these make me appreciate my city more and more. To top off the day, Tracie and I biked back to our neighborhood to Elf (see last photo), a cool little vintage/coffee shop owned by the brother of our friend at 3rd Seo Rab, but it was closed. Sad. Someday I'll post pictures of the shop's interiors. It's amazing!

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