24 January 2012

coffee shop review #5: 3rd SeoRab

Every once in a while you find a unique place that puts franchise coffee shops to shame. I used to work full-time at Starbucks, but sorry to say that 3rd SeoRab welcomes me and inspires me so much more than my old 32nd Avenue (Grand Forks, ND) workplace.

I've been a consistent (and constant) customer here for the last few months. The owner is as sweet as a honey bee and has set up this small space with just about six tables, comfy pillows, and adorably delicate trinkets as well as one-of-a-kind wall art pieces.

The ambiance isn't the only thing that keeps me coming back here. For one, it's in the best neighborhood in Busan: Gwangalli. My apologies for that very biased statement. Next, it boasts a deliciously expansive menu.

I usually stick to the espresso drinks, smoothies (I can't decide if blueberry or mango-peach is my favorite), and loose leaf teas served in the cutest teapots your mind can imagine. In the back of the menu (a repurposed photo album.. SO cute), customers can find delicious desserts and hearty entrées. My friends and I have split the brownie and cheesecake; both were so tasty they disappeared in moments.

Words really don't do this place justice. All I can say is that if you ever venture to Busan, 3rd Seo Rab is worth a visit. You can even leave a note in one of their many cute 'guestbooks', accompanied with a coffee mug full of colored pencils and pens to draw and color your heart out (it's really not as childish as it sounds). If I stay in Busan for another year, 3rd Seo Rab is one of the reasons why.
Love. this. place.

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