16 June 2011

on a jet plane

Less than two weeks, people!!
Only 13 days and I'll be back in my home hemisphere, carting my suitcase through the Minneapolis airport, then finally sipping on bubble tea, chilling in the backyard on a sunny day, baking like it's almost the end of the world, catching up with good friends, riding my bike on gravel roads at sunset, playing with my dog, and snoozing on a bed that's way too big for just one person.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Korea, and normally I don't get homesick while abroad. But for some reason, I've spent plenty o' nights weeping by virtue of homesickness. Weird. Okay, not weird, but yeah. Not normal for me. Please excuse my fragment usage.

Maybe I've been feeling especially homesick lately because I've been making a lot of silly little mistakes these last couple weeks. Normally my little mistakes seem to have little to no repercussions, but this time around some people have gotten really offended by my actions. I mean no harm; I'm one of the last persons (people?) in the world to volunteer to make someone mad. But why oh why is this happening?

Anyway, I've thought that maybe this is how sowing into eternity is, like every choice has an effect, and that effect is either positive or negative. My mindless decision making has definitely had a negative affect on others, and mindless decision making can affect how we spend eternity, no?

I've heard countless times that not everything is just black or just white - almost everything is gray, neither right or wrong. I don't have a lot of reasonable evidence or experience to back up my view, but I think this 'gray majority' view is false. I really think every choice we make has an eternal weight. We're either sowing into the spirit or sowing into the flesh. In conclusion, my mistakes are to making people mad as making choices in life is to sowing into eternity. Make sense? What do you think? Are all decisions we make affecting eternity? Any view, whether pro or con, is welcome.

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