24 June 2011


Left to right: strawberry milk, banana lite milk, banana milk
BANANA MILK: milk with banana flavor
STRAWBERRY MILK: milk with strawberry flavor

One of my favorite coffee shops in Busan (the Coffee Factory <3) makes a mean banana latte. It's tasty. Upon discovering that it's made with the aforementioned banana milk, I decided to make my own strawberry latte with strawberry milk. Being that I don't own an espresso machine, I came up with an idea.

STEP 1: buy strawberry milk at a convenience store
STEP 2: stash strawberry milk in purse
STEP 3: go to a coffee shop, order an iced espresso
STEP 4: upon receipt of espresso, immediately take out strawberry milk
STEP 5: open strawberry milk, pour strawberry milk over iced espresso
STEP 6: stir a little (if needed), and drink

Between steps 4 and 5, I felt the weight of strange stares from the baristas who made my iced espresso. I looked over my shoulder to see curiosity and disgust on their faces. I didn't care. My creation was delicious.

So, just be forewarned - if you attempt this in public, you too could get strange reactions from onlookers.

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Renée Thomas said...

Omg that's so asian, lol! They make everything seem so darn cute!