13 June 2011

café aslan

Let's throw objectiveness out the window. I really like this place. A lot. Really really a lot.
This is Café Aslan. Yes, Aslan, like from Narnia. There's a lion in their logo. That's totally legal here.

I gotta warn you - the prices are a little high, but from what I've tried, the quality of their beverages is pretty impeccable. Also, the location is a little remote. Okay, it's really out of the way (for me, anyway), but the beautiful surroundings and the huge windows and the nice lighting make for a lovely ambiance, so I'd say it's worth the trek out there.

Café Aslan would be the perfect place to spend a quiet, rainy Saturday with a book or homework or whatever suits you. There is plenty of comfortable seating both on the main floor and on the super cool loft. Yeah, there's a loft.
I really like this place. I mentioned that, right?

Café Aslan offers regular espresso beverages, tea (honey grapefruit is delicious), tea lattes, smoothies and ades, a small selection of salads and sandwiches, waffles and cakes, and a handsome display of breads and colorful macarons. The macaron flavors aren't labeled, unless I somehow missed that. I tried what seemed to be a caramel macaron. I was a little surprised because I was expecting the traditional fluffy, chewy texture; rather, it was more like a soft, dry cookie sandwich. A little disappointing :( However, I have seen a guy come out of the back with some sort of baker's hat on, so save for the macarons, I think their foods are pretty legit, unlike the frozen products at chain bakeries.

Regardless of their below-my-standard macarons (not that I'm an expert), this place really is worth a visit or two. Plus, they have sweet heated toilet seats. Just sayin'.

To get there!
Take subway line 2 to Jangsan. Go up exit 13, head straight at the top of the stairs, walk for about one minute, and take the first left. Pass a parking garage, and it's on your left.


This Earthly Tent said...

Thanks for sharing Ang, that looks like such a lovely place, wish I could meet up with you there : )

Aziza said...

ummmm....soo i really want to go there! also I think you should design my blog cause i love yours :-)!! -Joh http://onbekend2.wordpress.com/