08 June 2011

end chapter 1, start chapter 2

It's June 8th.
Days left at current job: 21

I never thought my school would close or that I would be under contract with a greedy boss (a.k.a., a 'hagwon horror story'). Despite the series of unfortunate events that came along with my school closing, things have turned out for the better, and I'm thankful. Example A) I'm getting more and more excited to go home for a quick vacation {eeeeek!}

On my state-side to-do list:

{click pics for source!}

  • buy ear candles (I'm too scared to have my ears cleaned by a Korean doctor)
  • go to the orthodontist (my retainer broke)
  • shop 'til I drop - literally
  • eat Taco Bell and cake and cherries
  • drink really good, dark coffee and espresso
  • catch up with family and friends
  • backyard BBQs
  • roast marshmallows
  • ride my bike
  • longboard
  • etc.

If you were away from home for six months, what would be the first thing you'd do upon returning?


This Earthly Tent said...

ummmm...probs visit my favorite places, thrift shop, and hang with my family lots! So glad you're coming back to visit - it's fun to read about whats up in your life : )

Renée Thomas said...

Get roasted green chilie and eat a ton of mexican food, lol.

Aziza said...

go back to my favorite neighborhoods......find honeysuckle and drink the nectar, pick wildflowers (that grow all by themselves) sit on a porch swing, drink MO Peach or blackberry wine, pick blackberries/strawberries-anything that grows....and go to my fav haunts. :-)

Aziza said...

doh....i didn't know i had an account. This is Johara.