06 June 2011

the coffee factory

Typical Korean coffee drinks:

  • Americano
  • Café latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Mocha
  • etc.
If this is what one expects when stepping into the Coffee Factory, he or she will be a little surprised. Now, the Coffee Factory's menu isn't life altering-ly different than other places. They have the regulars like macchiatos and americanos, but their courage to offer something a little different in a very conformist society is what drew me to this place.

I've only tried the saigon cinnamon latte and banana latte, but I found both worthy of being ordering again. They also offer teas and desserts and sell coffee supplies, from hand-drip filters to milk frothers. Additionally, in-house roasted whole bean coffees fill their shelves. I bought a bag of the Papua New Guinean beans. They were pretty awesome; at first sip, all I could think was, "rainbow of flavors" (lame, I know). The beans are pretty lightly roasted for my taste, but this is coming from a former Starbucks employee, whose company "over-roasts" their beans. {Whatever.}

One of the greatest benefits of being a Coffee Factory fan is that they have three (3) locations in Busan - two in Nampo-dong and one in Seomyeon. Not sure of the hours. I'm definitely going to be a Seomyeon regular when I start my new job. Assah!

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