06 June 2011

luxembourg cafe

Okay, so Luxembourg Café isn't the actual name of this place. It's actually Café d'Armes, but for the longest time I only saw a sign on the side of the building which says Luxembourg. And because I only saw the side of the building, I mistook it for a hiking gear store. Once I discovered that this place was a coffee shop, I obviously had to go there; it's only a 5-minute walk from my current apartment (sadly, it will be about a half-hour bus ride from my new apartment).

On my first visit, I realized that this place was more than a coffee shop. They serve a wide variety of pastas and have a cute little buffet with some salads and a big selection of pastries. Everything from the wood interiors to the menu to the food presentation is (Koreanized) Luxembourg. Well, everything except the American pop music they play; I always bring my iPod. Their menu also features, of course, awesome coffee drinks (like my amazing iced vanilla latte in the photo below), fresh fruit juices (also amazing), and teas (haven't tried those yet).

This place is in Yeonsan-dong, close to Togok Sageori. Find the McDonald's on the main road near the intersection, head straight up (so McD's is behind you), pass a 7/11 on the left, a bakery on your right, and it's on the left side. Hours are from 11am-11pm, with lunch served between 12pm-3pm and dinner 6pm-9pm. Go there.

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