02 March 2011


This is raw, live, chopped-up octopus. I ate some of it. You can't tell in this photo, but it was moving. And when I grabbed a piece in between my chopsticks, it was still moving. When I put it into my mouth, it was still moving, and the suckers stuck to my tongue, then to my cheek, then to the roof of my mouth. It wasn't painful, and it wasn't really gross. It was just different. Then I started to like it, so I ate more. True story.

In other news, I got a haircut today at a Korean hair salon! It had been 10 weeks since my last trim, so it was looooong overdue. My hair isn't much different than before, just a trim! It feels so much healthier now. I never realized the risk one takes when going to just any plain ol' hair salon in Korea since Korean hair is very different from, well, 'foreign hair'. I could've ended up with a disaster in my hands (or on my head..), but thanks to this post by Eat Your Kimchi (<3 them), I evaded that mistake and went to Juno Hair. Success!


Anyway, I've heard about this girl before but just had my first peak at her blog. Amazing. This girl is cool. If you need some inspiration or are just plain bored, hop on over to Bri Emery's blog, DESIGNLOVEFEST.

Happy hump day! Joy!

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Danae said...

cute hair - glad you made it through the salon safely : ) and i've seen that blog before too, really cute!
p.s. i saw your comment about the holga jazz - thats a bummer, but hopefully you'll be able to find a scanner soon! library?