16 March 2011


I feel like a nerdy adult. I made a list of short-term goals on Friday, and I've completed nearly all of them already! Hip hip hurray! Well, my goals were more like a to-do list, but thinking of them as short-term goals made me that much more motivated to complete them.
My next list of 'short-term goals':

Buy a Swiffer
Call this lady
Catch up on my Bible reading (I'm reading the Bible in a year and am waaay behind)
Go to the post office and send home packages
Go to bed earlier
Wake up earlier
Go to the grocery store
Refresh my Spanish and French (especially before Korean lessons start! Yeah!)
Find more cool coffee shops in Busan

Speaking of coffee shops, I've ran into some really cool independently-owned ones here in Busan (with excellent coffee), as well as a few euh, not-too-bad chains, and I really want to take pictures of them and blog about them. Maybe I will..! I'll save that for my next list of short-term goals.


Woo! Happy hump day! Some other teachers and I are going to shabu shabu for dinner. Yeah! Hope your day is filled with joy ^^


Danae said...

love that photo you found! happy to see you're becoming more and more at home : )

Dokia said...

I love seeing you adjusting!! I miss you SO SO SO much, but am glad you enjoying yourself. LOVE YOU!

David C Brown said...

How about a short term aim of keeping the blog up to date?

Trust the Bible reading has caught up - that's more important!