18 May 2011

oh hey

Hi, blog. I'm sorry it's been so, so long. You see, dear blog, I'm notorious for committing to something then letting it die off. And to be honest, I don't really like writing on you. I feel sort of self-conscious when I think about who might be seeing what I write here, thus leading me to be less straightforward and honest. I know it's that's a silly ordeal, but I'm kind of shy. Sorry, blog.

Anyway, I've been holding out on you big time, blog. Here's what I've experienced since I last wrote on you:

The cherry blossom festival in Jinhae in which there were no blooming cherry blossoms (isn't that the point of a cherry blossom festival? - this I asked myself about 9 times). The tree in the picture is a tulip tree, not a cherry blossom tree :(

A kite flying festival in Dadaepo

The cherry blossom festival in my neighborhood in which there were thousands and thousands of cherry blossoms. (It's funny how I traveled 3 hours by bus to the first festival and saw no blossoms; a week later I walked 10 minutes to the festival in my hood and saw endless rows of blooming cherry blossom trees).
My first trip to Seoul :)

In addition to these lovely festivals and things, there was the recent breaking down of my laptop which threw me into sheer panic for a few minutes. Then I went and bought a new one (macbook prooo <3). 
I also joined a...:
  • Korean class
  • photography class
  • beach volleyball group
...and booked a trip to Tokyo (in Septemer!).

Lastly, I decided that I'd like to be a beach bum for the rest of my life. Don't laugh, blog. Just think about it - move to a warm tropical place on the coast, learn how to surf, and eat delicious fruit and fish and things while spending the whole time resting, praying, and interceding for people. Sounds good, eh? (I've been hanging around Canadians lately).

Anyway, blog, I've learned a lot about God and myself and people and about my mission in life since our last jotting. I've decided that maybe I should write more about those things (hopefully with more guts and honesty) as well as the occasional informal coffee shop review in Busan. I've been finding soooo many great coffee shops these last couple months, and I'm bursting at the seams with excitement about these places.
Next post: La Palette Cupcake and Coffee (or Coffee and Cupcake?). Blah. Toodles.

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Renée Thomas said...

I enjoyed this post! :)
You booked a trip to Japan in September? Bah, I'm jealous!