25 February 2011


Okay, so I think spring has finally sprung in Korea.. {knock on wood}. We've been so harshly teased in the past. Only a few weeks ago were we experiencing record low temps, but one beautiful day (the day a dear friend took me to Taejongdae), the sun came out and warmed us up to about 40 degrees F! It was glorious.


Then the next day it got cold. A few days later it snowed - SO uncommon for Busan. But now, we've been steadily hitting some lukewarm temperatures (i.e., about 50 degrees F), and I think they're here to stay. I even started sweating a little bit on my way back from the grocery store yesterday.


Spring means it's time for:

spending more time at the beach
riding bike outside
planning a trip to Japan??
wearing sunglasses
wearing sandals and peep-toes
letting go of stress
skirts and dresses (not that I didn't wear them in winter..)
pictures (with my new Holga especially^^)
wearing more florals
not wearing a coat
eating outside
iced coffee
friends' company
enjoying life all the more

What are your hopes for spring?

1 comment:

Danae said...

umm I ditto your list for sure...also excited for wearing flats/sandals!! Ok, and I have to admit I keep looking for you holga photos- so don't be too long : )