25 January 2011

setting up life

This last weekend I went to Jeonju. Korean cities are pretty homogenous - you've seen one and you've pretty much seen 'em all, but seeing familiar these familiar faces for the first time in a while ignited so much love in my heart.

It's amazing to see how people move on in life when you don't see them for a while. My friends are all graduated, getting jobs, talking about marriage and adult life. It's fun to reminisce about the silly things we did in college, but it's even more exciting to look at where we are now in comparison to back then, and to see what's ahead for the future.

If you would have told me even six months ago that I would now be in Korea, seeing these good friends again, would've I believed you? Maybe (I tend to be kind of gullible...). But that was indeed a dream of mine, and now it's being fulfilled. I hope that ten years from now, even fifty years from now, we'll still be friends. I hope that we dream big now and see those dreams manifest in the future. Who knows what great things God has in store for us?


Chelsea Whipps said...

nglad you're having a good time in Korea ! :)
have a wonderful day !

Danae said...

AMEN! It is bittersweet to be moving on and all, but it's exciting to see all that God is working through us..and I love reading about your adventures in Korea. I love the new blog header too!