20 January 2011

food follow-up!

After much trial-and-error with cooking Korean food at my apartment, I succeeded at kimbap. It was so easy and not very expensive to make at home (it costs about $1/roll at kimbap restaurants and from street vendors).

So here's how it all went down...

Step 1: I buy this kit! It includes small laver (dried seaweed sheets), pre-sliced vegetables, rice seasoning, and oil.

Step 2: After cooking the rice and adding the seasoning and oil, I put a laver on a flat surface, add a little bit of rice, vegetables, and egg!

Step 3: I roll that little baby up and eat it. Nom nom :)

Simple as that.

So, moving on to coffee... 
Many of my friends and family back home have already heard me complain more than thrice about the coffee in Korea. I'm kind of a usual at this bakery down the road. I ordered an Americano there the other day - an Americano.. espresso and hot water - simple. What I got was a cup of slightly sweet, bitter, sort-of-espresso-flavored water with an awful after taste. Oh, the consequences of still being a newbie. I'm sorry if my stand on Korean coffee is harsh, but that was a cup of disgusting. I still love my bakery though, and the cashier and I are sort of friends :)

Anyway, I found out about an independently owned coffee shop in my neighborhood that makes awesome coffee and espresso drinks and sells whole beans for a very good price. Today I bought a Korean French coffee press (Korean French?). I also gave in to the cute little panda mug.. now if I could only find a coffee grinder.

Off to Jeonju this weekend, soooo excited! <3

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I want that cup!!