31 January 2011

not really "new" here anymore

Today was my birthday! I turned 23, but my Korean age is actually 24. To Koreans, when you're born, you are already 1 year old, and then there's something about New Year's Day and how it's everyone's birthday.. really confusing to me. In conclusion, I'm now 23 back home and 24 in Korea. Ha!

I didn't anticipate staying out all day with friends, otherwise I would've grabbed my camera mid-afternoon and taken some pictures of our little extravaganza (which consisted of eating yummy Korean food, Korean cake, then Korean bowling). We've all heard the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Well, I don't know who said that, but a photo from today doesn't even begin to capture the essence of what this day was for me.

I was SO blessed. My friends from church and from work have helped me not feel like a stranger to this place anymore. My identity and my reward is in heaven, and these people have spurred me on to believe that all the more through their love and acceptance here in Korea. So much love! <3

I love Korea, and I want to stay here forever, but heaven is my home. "I've finally found where I belong, in your presence," ("Where I Belong" by Cory Asbury).


Dokia said...

SO glad to hear you had a good day, and that you are settling in! I love you and I miss you like crazy, but I'm glad you have found where you belong! Besos amor!

Danae said...

um I love this! and i MISS you. i'm so happy to hear that you are being shown so much love across the ocean on your birthday!