30 April 2010

oh my!

How time flies!

Just when I think the rest of this semester couldn't go any slower, here I am with five days of class left.


I'm beginning to feel this sense of "It's time to really fly out of the nest and be on my own." The most contrasting feelings come at me at the same time. Fear and excitement mix in my spirit. Insecurity and confidence ebb and flow.

Where will I go?
What will I do?
Will I be alone?
Will I die???

I have no answer to these questions. It's like walking on a very narrow path at midnight. The light may not come for a while, but it's time to trust and walk by faith, not by sight.


On a lighter note...

I think these are so cute! I love this color.
They're called bonbon cookies and are from CakeSpy.


Elizabeth said...

Joshua 1:5

you are never alone :)

Brooklynn said...

angela you are just an amazing woman.

angela said...

thanks for the encouragement, ladies! :)
i'm so quick to take my eyes off Jesus and start worrying and going on my own plans and own understanding (prov. 3:5-6! ah!).
but God is faithful and good, and it's not about having every step of my life planned out anyway.

Jesa said...

Indeed you are never alone!

It is so easy to get overwhelmed now-a-days. I get so busy in my own thoughts at times too.

I haven't gotten a chance to visit her yet but plan to this summer :)

Hope you have an amazing weekend!!