25 April 2010

p.s. le week-end!

It's the weekend. I passed through the toughest week of the semester:
that awkward,
Praise the Lord.

Last night we held a bachelorette party at the lovely Skaff home for my dear roommate, Danae. It was sooooo fun. It warmed my heart to see girlfriends from different parts of the world, with different backgrounds, who all met Danae at different times of her life get together to celebrate friendship, life, and union in marriage. I think it is so neat how love unites like that. I'll maybe post a picture or two from the party later this weekend :)

I found a fantastic antique rug website called Nazmiyal Antique Rugs. I doubt I'll ever have enough dinero to afford one of those rugs, but they're fun to look at. Some of them look like they came from le Palais de Versailles! Oh là là!

I found this pretty picture at decor8:

major p.s.!
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Brooklynn said...

ANGELA! you are so wonderful. i think you are amazing, and i love reading your posts. :) you make me happy!