26 September 2011


To say I'm way behind on this is an understatement. I guess I'm not very disciplined when it comes to this blogging thing.

I've been learning some hard lessons lately. I've made some many unwise choices over the last month or so, and they all seemed to culminate yesterday. Details of events are not important. I've learned the danger of living with a heart that is not fully in love with Jesus. No servant can serve two masters. If my heart is not fully given over to God, it's (partially) somewhere else. I think this is a process, to give myself over completely, to be wholly abandoned to God. However, I kept a section of my heart for my own gratification and to feed my flesh. My choices seemed harmless, but they sent me down a winding path of hurt, leading to death and destruction. Thank the Lord he protected me in ways I did not see. He is love. He fully accepts us, even in our weakness and immaturity, even in our pride when we think we don't need him. He is mercy. He is victorious, and he's given us the victory.

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