07 August 2011

in korea, again

I'm way behind on blogging. Wow. It's been almost 3 weeks since my return. I got off the plane around 8:30pm, arrived at my new apartment and crashed, and started work the next morning. I currently work 7 days a week, about 9 hours each day, but this is only during English camp, ending in a few weeks.

I really like my new apartment. One thing I really wish I could find is a jewelry stand for a few necklaces. They're currently sprawled over the top of my dresser, as if I were trying to imitate a sort of museum-like display (which I'm not; none of them cost more than $8).

Happy Sunday :)

1 comment:

Aziza said...

i have a cork board that i covered with a pretty fabric-then i used interesting push pins and hang my jewelry from them....pretty easy to make and easy to customize....just an idea.