24 May 2011


I don't feel very nervous, but I have butterflies in my stomach. Butterflies are symbolic for change, right? Well, a big change is about to take place in my life.

Originally, I was going to stay in Korea for one year.

Last week, I found out my school was closing. Never trust a greedy businessman.

So now I'm searching for a new job. And considering going back to the U.S.

If I get a new job, that means staying for at least another year (until July 2012).

I have an interview tonight.

I don't know what will happen. I've tried to figure out the best next step by myself, but I really REALLY don't know what is going to happen. And I've realized that I can't figure it out for myself. Only God knows what will happen, so I just have to wait, trust, and obey. Refusing to follow his plans means refusing the best plans for me. Now that would just be silly.

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Renée Thomas said...

Wow, what a situation! It really is best to leave it in God's hands because his way really is the best way. I wish you the best outcome! (oh yeah, thanks for posting a comment on my blog! :)