05 October 2010

just Monday

It was just one song. The words sounded like the kind of prayer I might pray but either don't really mean or don't believe God hears. The words say, "God, put your heart in me." That just so happens to be the title of this song I listened to at 5:30 this morning. As I listened, I told God I wanted that to be my prayer today, even on just a regular Monday.

I arrived at work and was assigned the drive thru again. I tire easily at the drive thru; it's quite monotonous. "Hi, thanks for choosing Starbucks. My name is Angela. How are you today?" all while sounding cheerful despite feeling tired, bored, or stressed. However, I guess God took me seriously when I made the words to that song my prayer today. He put his heart in me as I tried to make genuine 15-second conversations with customer after customer. Some were uninterested, some mentioned the weather. But an elderly couple stuck out at me and stayed on my mind all day long. I asked the husband if they had any plans for the day, and he said, "Oh, just heading to Rochester." Our conversation progressed and I learned they were going to Rochester not to visit grandchildren or for a 3-day getaway, but to take his wife to Mayo. Sorrow and disappointment quickly showed on his face as he said, "Yeah, we've been making trips there for the past year and a half." I don't know if it was just Starbucks instinct to take partial responsibility to try and make things right or if it was truly the heart of God that felt that same sorrow he was experiencing, but I was determined to spend time in intercession and asking for healing.


I see a lot of people throughout the day. Most of the time I'm too wrapped up in my own thoughts and feelings to look around and see that I'm actually fine while there are tons of people around me who are broken and needing someone to show them that they matter. Honestly, I really detest writing posts like these because I get passionate about stuff like this for a day and then it fades. But I think it's time to change that in my life. I'm here for a short time, and what do I have to give? I have just one life, and I'm not about to waste more of it looking out only for my own good.



Danae said...

this is great ang. thanks so much for sharing what God is doing in your heart, it's beautiful : )

atthefeet said...

I agree with Danae, totally and I will be interceding for YOU to gain a passion that lasts, for God to show you people that you can work through Him to. :)
A lovely lady asked me about you at the Pink House last Friday, you are missed.