25 August 2010

trying new things

Last week was a week of many firsts for me, as illustrated with some photos in this post. I think I'm kind of a "safe" person. I don't like to make mistakes, so I don't take big risks. But last week I learned that I can do a lot more than I thought I could, and taking risks helped me discover that.

New thing #1: sewing
Last Thursday-ish I decided to pull out my sewing machine which I had never used by myself before. Determined - that's a good word to describe my attitude towards this machine. He looked so intimidating with all his spinning things and dials and weird contraptions. I found the manual for my exact machine online, threaded him up, and before I knew it, out popped a couple of projects!

This pillow was inspired by Rachel Denbow's doily pillow project. I didn't have enough doilies to cover the entire pillow case, so I modified it a bit. Who knows how old those two doilies are. On the one on the top right you can see some stains and a couple little holes, but I think it gives it some character :)

I was on such a sewing high after the pillow project that I continued on by taking a plain mustard yellow tank from Target and adding a part of another doily to it. I love sewing now!

New thing #2: water skiing
The day after my sewing extravaganza, I tried water skiing for the first time ever! And I got up on my 2nd try! It was exhilarating! I loved it, but my body said otherwise the next day. I couldn't believe how tiring that was. And no, that's not me in the picture (from Flickr commons), but I like this guy's facial expression. Ha!

New thing #3: new job!
I got a job at Starbucks!! Eeeek! I start this afternoon :) (weheartit)

And #4: cooking for a crowd
This morning I made breakfast for a group of 20 people with three new recipes! Yikes. I made Smitten Kitchen's breakfast pizza and raspberry-topped lemon muffins. I also made Martha Stewart's ruby fruit salad. The salad unfortunately kind of wilted. Sigh. Although I love fruit, I'm not a big fan of fruit salad, but I figured balancing out the almost garlicy flavor of the pizza could be done with some fruit. But making a fruit salad the night before is risky business! So long, fruit salad. But the pizza rocked.

Trying new things is so invigorating, it's good for me I think. The things I try, whether sewing or cooking something new, may not turn out perfectly, but so what? I'm human, and nothing I do will ever be perfect. Next maybe I'll try longboarding.

Have you tried something new lately?


Danae said...

You know, I really haven't but I decided I want to have my first photo shoot with my new camera! I love the sewing projects you did! I seriously wanted to do the pillow project when I saw it on Rachel's blog a while ago too- way to actually do it! And the tank top is super cute, I want to do that too haha. You also inspire me to try to cook more, so thank you. I have never done water skiing, I think I've always been too scared, but it seems really fun. Ok so basically I love this post and miss you so much!

Danae said...

OH I almost forgot- Starbucks job = awesome! I'm so happy for you!

koralee said...

Hey...good for you! I think that is how you grow..by trying new things. I am so impressed with your sewing..wow. I adore the pillows. xoxox

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new job! And thanks for your sweet comment on Lady Croissant.