29 August 2010

new things follow-up

Yesterday I tried longboarding for the first time in about 5 or 6 years (all other attempts in the past have ended in frustration and embarrassment). I felt like a nervous dork yesterday about to enter her first day of high school as I walked along the gravel roads of Thompson wearing my Wayfarer look-alikes and conspicuously holding my longboard at my side. Thompson only has a few blocks of precious paved road, and a lot of it is covered in small leftover pebbles from the adjoining gravel roads - not very ideal for longboarding.

I arrived at the transition between gravel and pavement. I put my longboard down and just went. I didn't think about it, I didn't put all my attention on my balance and the fact that I've fallen in the past. I just went, and it was great. I hit a few pebbles, but I rolled right over them. A dog chased me, but I kept going. And I liked it.

So what's next? I'd really like to try surfing, but I live in a landlocked area, big time. Hrmm I think next time I'm near a surfable place, I'll definitely give it a shot.


koralee said...

Good for you...my daughter is always talking about longboarding.

Surfing is something I always wanted to do....just wish it didn't have to be in the ocean...I am always thinking SHARK!
Have a great week. xoxoxo

Robyn said...

Everytime I have ever tried, I have ended up falling all over the place only to get a handle on it hours later... but then I don't do it for months, and end up starting all over again. Sigh.

Danae said...

this is awesome....so wish i would have put effort in actually trying and keeping at longboarding, maybe someday i'll be cool like you : )