15 May 2010

oh how funny life can be

Warning: Lots of random thoughts are in this post.

Like I said in my last post, my roommate Danae and I had a very fun photoshoot downtown on a rainy day not too long ago. Although it was rainy, the cloudy weather produced some fun shots with bright colors (and umbrellas!). Oh, and p.s., no, that is not a can of Skoal in my left pocket. That is the lens cap.

So.. two off-topic comments:
1) There is no toilet paper in my apartment right now.
2) I have completed a bachelor's of arts degree. I mean, I'm done. Finito! Hallelujah! For some reason I thought I would be in college for the rest of my life. All of a sudden I find myself in this new stage of life: "after college." Does that mean I'm really an adult now? Does that mean I can no longer receive a college student discount on oil changes?

Can I just tell you how frustrating the last couple of days have been? Isn't it funny how those little moments all add up and show us how patient (or impatient) we can be? Well, here it goes.

I have a friend from China. We met the very first week of class freshman year and have been friends ever since. She's graduating this spring, too, and commencement is tomorrow for our school. Her parents are flying in from China to watch her walk across the stage tomorrow, then they are leaving on a 20-day vacation all around the U.S.

Her parents were supposed to arrive last night around 10pm, but all flights arriving and departing O'Hare in Chicago were delayed until today. Plan B was to take the next possible flight and arrive tonight. However, some flights today were cut and the ones that were going out were already full of frustrated passengers from yesterday. So her parents, who do not speak any English, decided to find a quick flight to Minneapolis tonight. To avoid missing the commencement ceremony, they would then take a taxi here, which would have cost $800. My friend panicked and decided that maybe it would be best to meet them in Minneapolis instead of them taking a taxi. I thought that sounded pretty smart, but they don't have any way of contacting us when they arrived in Minneapolis except to borrow strangers' phones. We could've ended up missing them in Minneapolis while they were in a taxi on the way here. That plan fell through.

It finally worked out for them to find a flight to Minneapolis tomorrow morning and then to fly into town RIGHT on time to attend commencement. Uff. My words cannot come close to expressing how difficult and frustrating this situation has been for my dear friend. We have had fun the last couple days hanging out and reminiscing and talking about her plans for when her parents arrive. Then boom, boom, boom. Flight delayed, flight full, flight too late. But God is good and works all things together for the good of those who love him.

Lately I've been getting into that old-timeish big band sort of jazzy sound. I discovered this band, Pink Martini. They have some great songs and have a lot of music in French and Italian :) Yay!

K, bedtime. Tomorrow, I am meeting my friend's parents at the airport and then heading home. I will be making a red velvet cake from scratch tomorrow :) Excited! Love

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