12 May 2010

day 2 of finals week

Thank you all for the encouraging comments on my last post! Finals are going somewhat smoothly so far.

Today is Tuesday.
I have completed:
my first final - Spanish grammar and composition
my second final - Introduction to statistics
I am officially done with statistics!! Praise the Lord.
Two final exams and a public reading for Creative Writing left. Then done-zo.

Last Friday my lovely roommate Danae and I went downtown for a photo shoot. I don't think one can fully appreciate a city until he or she explores the downtown area. I'll upload a few pics from our shoot soon. You can check out the ones Danae uploaded to her blog by clicking here!!

I recently saw one of the most striking yet beautiful things I think I've ever seen in my whole life. A couple weeks ago my parents and I went walking through a park and stopped along a bridge over a cooly (sp?). I was hanging over the ledge of the bridge when it seemed God guided my eyes to a little robin's nest sitting on of one of the support beams underneath the bridge. It had three blue eggs. It was adorable. As if that wasn't precious enough, we returned last weekend to find that one of the eggs had hatched!! And I brought my camera! It was incredibly difficult to get the shot since my head doesn't fit through the guard rails on the bridge. I had to stick my camera-in-hand through the railing and trust by faith that I was getting the shot. Haha. I had about 20 mis-shots. But here is one successfully captured:

He's pretty funny looking if you ask me. Do you guys think he's kind of gross looking? He will be cute and fluffy in just a matter of a few days. He couldn't have been more than a few days old since the other two eggs haven't hatched yet. It was so exciting to me to capture these moments that are so temporary. Before I know it, this little guy will be off flying around, not being a baby anymore. So you best believe I will be heading back to that spot this weekend. Yes, sir (err, ma'am).

One last note for today.
This summer I will be attending a linguistics seminar and ideally would like to not have a job. I'm thinking of opening up my own Etsy shop to generate some income. I already have several items that I could sell. I'm kind of nervous about doing that though, thinking that I won't make enough money to pay for gas and things. Any comments/advice on that are greatly appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

congrats! I just finished and graduated - halelujah!

what a great capture! Birds are quite ugly when they're first born, but like you said - within a few days they're cute little chickies!