22 May 2010


I don't know what exactly to blog about.

But first, a giveaway! Lilibee (qui parle français!) is doing a fantastic giveaway full of lots of goodies. Click here to go to her post and to find out how to enter!
{Here is a sneak-peek:}

So, regarding blogging...

I get blog ideas in my head all throughout the day (99% of them come when I'm nowhere near a computer), and I don't write them down, so then they're gone :(
I found a little survey to do until I find some decent topics to write about. If you read this, please comment with your own answers. I'd like to know about you! You could also copy this survey into your own blog. If so, please let me know so I can read what you wrote.
(Note: you don't have to answer all of these if you don't feel comfortable:)
Here are my answers:

Do you...

color your hair? No, but I used to, to the point where I had no idea what my natural color was. The last time I colored it was February 2009.

ever get off the computer? Of course.

hablar español? Sí, señor!

sprechen sie deutsches? Nope (I hope that is the right answer to that question).

fight with your parents? Not anymore, I used to when I was younger, especially when my mom started dating again, ugh.

have friends you've lost touch with? Oh yes. I've moved over 15 times. It's kind of inevitable, especially since not everyone has facebook nowadays.

feel happy? Yes! :)

drink coffee? Uh, yeah! French press all the way. I'm also a Starbucks addict. I'm trying to wean myself off caffeine. It's not easy.

wish you could fly away? Mm, yes, and I wish I could bring all my friends and family with me.

believe in God? Yes, absolutely, who knows where I'd be without God in my life?

trust others way too easily? Yes, most of the time, and it definitely has its disadvantages. But! I must move on.

Okay, now it's your turn!


richelle jean said...

ooh i like this! i might use this later if it's okay with you! :]

Anonymous said...

haha thanks, Angela!!
I'm so excited you are the first person to know/comment about llapingachos- they are sooo good.
love your blog, you are lovely :)

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I bought a teeny tiny notebook to carry around with me. But I love this type of post, too!