09 April 2010


I wrote a poem! And it rhymes. Want to read? It doesn't have a title, do you have any suggestions??

I'm tired. I should go to bed. Today took its toll

But I cannot, should not, I would just toss and roll

My bed calls my name, but the climb is far too steep

I would just lie awake and forget about sleep

I would ponder all the food I should not have ate

I would think about all the things I complicate

Like school and work and troubles and goals

And my little project on the Dead Sea scrolls

Oh those plans I did not get around to doing

And that girl in class that did not stop gum chewing

All those little chicken scratch notes in my planner

They can jump off a cliff in a graceful manner

If I could just shove it all down the drain

Maybe I would find some rest for my brain

Just screw it all, for tomorrow is a new day

I shall say goodbye to work and hello to play

1 comment:

Danae said...

i don't really have any ideas for a title... but i like the poem a lot!