12 April 2010

it's monday

Aaaand how much homework did I finish this weekend? None. Senioritis is all around me. Instead of studying, I went thrifting (among other things) at Grand Forks' Salvation Army and got a few things (two ceramic birds and a small glass with lid for cotton balls with a pretty tree design, etc. :). I was going to take some pics and post them, but maybe next weekend.

When I was checking out, the older guy that worked at the Salvation Army showed me this sugar bowl from a 4ish-piece tea set. The bowl cost $75 alone. The whole set was pure silver. It was so tarnished that I couldn't even tell it was silver. Right as I thought about the tedious task of cleaning that thing off, he said, "You can't remove the tarnish because it loses value." Wow, so you could clean it off and have a nice shiny silver tea set or just leave it and have a nasty tarnished dirty one, and the nasty tarnished dirty one would be more valuable. That's crazy to me. He then went on about antique shoppers in thrift stores, and I just kind of snuck out the door after that.

It was a good weekend.

I've been really caught up in spiritual attacks and not knowing what to do, feeling too busy to do anything, and just sort of lying down and taking it. Not okay. But this weekend I finally relaxed and sought truth. It's amazing how God's beauty shines through the darkness and brings us truth and light and makes everything better. We were made to gaze upon his beauty. And he loves that. Even though we are dark and dirty like that tarnished tea set, he still calls us beautiful and valuable :) Come just as you are, he says. Yay Jesus!
I like this:

p.s. So we're having a family celebration for my graduation in May. I've been trying to find recipes, and Smitten Kitchen's latest recipe is shakshuka.. which I haven't tried, but it sounds AMAZING. I don't think any of my relatives would touch it if we served it, but oh well. I'll just enjoy it on my own. Anyhoo, in the shakshuka recipe the SK lady referred to this restaurant called The Hummus Place which is, of course, only in New York. Why yes, of course, New York and not North Dakota. I love Middle Easternish cuisine :)

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