19 March 2010

you pour out mercy

I was getting tired of the colors in my blog. So I changed them. I don't think I like these colors though.
I have so much to say but no time to say it.
One year ago today I was in Vigo, Spain, strolling along the port with Diego. I miss Spain. I miss my roommates. I miss the ocean. Sigh. Fond memories have now turned into vague memories. I think over the next couple weeks I will have a commemoration of my semester abroad by posting some of my pics from Spain and other places in Europe. Whee!
Here is a picture of Diego by the port.

This song has been going through my mind all evening:

you have known our souls
in adversity when we strive against you
and you extend your hand
time and time again from the heights of glory
to the depths of my heart
and you have bound yourself to man
despite all his unfaithfulness
and your pour out mercy
you open your heart
all men's empty promises lie broken at your feet
while you have never broken one
you give beauty for ashes
and garments of praise
you give infinite mercy
to those who fear your name

Luke Wood

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