19 March 2010


Today is an absolutely spectacular day. It's sunny out (at least right now), supposed to reach 46 degrees F, no work, and no class. Here are some plans/ideas for today and the rest of spring break :)

Jesus time
exercise outside
buy an inexpensive pet
make something cute n artsy
finish the thing I'm knitting for Jane
make thank you cards from my b-day (a little late, but oh well)
think of another tattoo to get (already have some ideas.........:)
budget out the rest of this semester
start learning a new language
take some photos outside
learn how to sew
and more!


So I have this job in which I take care of this boy and teach him Spanish about 4 hours every week. Lately because of spring break and things it's been more like 10 hours a week, but next week we'll be back to the regular four hours. Anyway, this little fellow has become my friend (and student). He is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. And I have to admit, I kind of like Thomas trains now, too, but it's not like I'm going to go buy my own train set or anything. Maybe.... (jk)

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