13 March 2010

last night's rendez-vous!

Only a few know about my love for cupcakes.... I'm almost ashamed to admit that I do love them. Almost. My friend, Amanda N., and I share this love. I think we discovered this commonality when she came to visit me in Europe last summer. So fun!
Anyway, last night Manda came over to make Smitten Kitchen's chocolate soufflé cupcakes with mint cream. Fabulous! Thank goodness that I was not making these by myself because they require a lot of soft peaks and medium peaks, and I certainly am not patient enough to make any peak of any sort. But Amanda is undoubtedly an expert, so I will be calling her up I need some peaks.. haha. Anyway, we made the cupcakes, took pictures, and enjoyed the accompaniment of café con leche with the adorable tea cup/saucer set Amanda gave me for my b-day:) Yum!

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