09 March 2010


Hot off the press! Well, hot off the press yesterday.... I just came across this Retro Renovations article on etsy. I can only hope my home will one day reflect such wonderfulness. The lady whose home inspired the article has more pictures on Flickr. Here's the link to the article (where you can click on pics of the home leading to Flickr): Lovely
Here are some samples from the article:

Have no fear.. there are more than just typewriters and fruity metal canisters on etsy. There is a lot! I hardly ever buy the stuff I see on there because a lot of etsy-esque items are just sitting on shelves at thrift stores and retro shops, oftentimes for a lot cheaper. Plus I can refurbish/paint/rearrange the thrift store item(s) however I want! But once in a while there's an item on etsy that one would never find at Saver's or Revolver. That's what etsy is for. Besitos

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