18 February 2010


Every single person who has ever set foot on this planet and ever will has one thing in common. We all want to know the answer to the question, "Who am I?". That is a tough question. The closest, most accurate answer I can give this question about myself is what I am like (which opens countless doors to countless descriptions), maybe even what I am not. Although what I think I am not may very well be what I am. Hmm.... Let's give this a whirl.

-I like simplicity though I tend to complicate and over-think situations, ideas, words, etc. Therefore, I am simple, yet I am complicated...?

-I am brave, but I lately I've been cowering and bowing out of opportunities.

-I am busy, but I have lots of spare time that I waste on Facebook and thinking about doing things that do not come to fruition.

-I have an infinite to-do list. I have an infinite to-don't list. This could be its own blog entry someday soon.

-I am confident, but I often don't believe in my own abilities.

-I am a thief, but I've never stolen material goods. I still like to give to others.

-I am a liar, but I love truth and want to stand for justice.

-I am not perfect, and although I strive for perfection, I am learning not to.

-I am almost always in a hurry, but I am slow.

-I am not a very good friend, but I have lots of good friends.

-I am very diligent, but I have forgotten about most of my assignments this week.

-I am God's child, I am loved, and that's all that matters.

That's enough for now. Good night, and Godspeed on your journey of finding out who you are.

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