14 February 2010

maybe someday

Once again, I have disappeared from this blog. I return inspired and humbled. Battles have come and gone. And life as I know it is on the brink of transition.

I graduate in May. College has been my life for four years, although it feels like I've been going to college since I was born. The question, "What are you going to do when you're done?" has hit my eardrums about a thousand times. The answer is that I don't know. I could go to graduate school, do missions stuff, teach
English in Spain... or maybe I won't do any of that. Maybe I'll aspire to be an actress or a plumber or a nail technician. Why do I need to have a plan right at this moment? Will I be arrested or will my life be over if I don't plan out the rest of my life?


I have the travel bug. Big time. I miss my semester abroad of three classes and trip after trip after trip. I could go anywhere, anytime, and it wasn't expensive. My latest longing: Budapest, Hungary. My dad's side of the family came from Hungarian gypsies.. hmm. That's not my main reason for going though. I love going to places that haven't been infested with tons of tourists and plastic souvenirs. Is Budapest like that? Euh, probably. But when the average North Dakota native thinks of international destinations, he/she tends to think of Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii (that's not international, dumbie!). What's so special about Budapest? I don't know. What is there to do there? Who knows. It's the mystery of the place that draws me in.


And yet another side note.


Call 'em glorified pigeons, but I love them. Gastronomically speaking? Absolutely not. Well, I've never tried them.
As far as aesthetics, bah! They are such an unusual animal, so cute, so birdie, so peculiar with that weird thing on their heads. Plus, their eggs are used to make pysanka (wiki it).

The last two are from etsy.com

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