04 January 2011

big city

Busan is the biggest city I've ever lived in. During my first week in Korea, I only knew how to get to a few places - to work, the grocery store, a running path, and back to my apartment. I couldn't even take a taxi anywhere because I don't speak Korean (and most taxi drivers don't speak English). So, you can imagine my relief when my Korean friend invited my co-worker and me out one night.

My friend took us to a really awesome restaurant that served real Korean food. Later he brought us to a store where we bought electrical adapters, an iron, hairdryer, hangers, and more things that made life easier. Had it not been for our native friend, we wouldn't have found the way to the amazing places we went to that night. We had discovered a whole new face to this city - our world had expanded! And I am forever grateful.

I wonder if the Kingdom of Heaven is the same way. Being stuck in a small spot for long periods of time is not fun; depression and complacency settle in, and sadness overtakes us. But going to a new place brings new life. We see a bigger picture of who God is and a brighter picture of his love. We can't always get to this place alone; sometimes someone has to show us. God can never be searched out, so let us keep searching.


Danae said...

this was SO good. Thanks for sharing the insight and truth! I'm so glad you got the chance to have some fun- i've been praying!

atthefeet said...

yongseok! how exciting!! did you ever meet hannah gang!? i'm quite positive she would LOVE to meet you and show you around, she is a dear friend of mine! :) i'm so stoked to know that you have GONE to KOREA! ang, you little lady are super sweet.