25 December 2010

one day.

I procrastinate.

I leave for Korea soon, and I just got done packing.

Every time I've gone abroad, whether it be for two weeks or six months, I've always struggled with the same question - What should I pack?! Then I panic, process it internally, and don't get down to packing until the day before I leave. Or, in some cases, a few hours before I leave.

The best advice I can give is this:
  • only bring what you wear and use all the time
  • fret not if you forget something (you'll either find the exact item in your destination country, find an alternative, or just learn to deal without it) 
  • above all else, be flexible, open to learning and have fun!

Well, dear blog, the next time I write on you will probably be in Korea. Yay!!

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Anonymous said...

I am SO excited to hear about your adventures :)