22 March 2010


I don't have any pictures from Europe between March 19th and April 2nd, so I guess I'll just go back to the oldies.... This one is from Baiona, only a 45-minute bus ride from Vigo. Baiona is a major vacation spot for Europeans during the summer. It's gorgeous, but some Galicians told me only the yuppies waste their money there. Regardless, it is a beautiful place. I love those Atlantic waters, even on a cloudy day.


It is my goal between May 14th and June 7th to create a studio space in my room at home. I'll need to compile a list of supplies, perhaps gather some shelving, and organize, organize, organize. My room is big, but I have a lot of furniture already, so we'll see how it goes. Here are some inspirations. Check out these ladies' blogs! Fabulous.

Dottie Angel, posted on Janae Hardy's blog... love that wallpaper.

I came across a book at Barnes & Noble called Art Making and Studio Spaces. It seems very handy and fun to look at. There was another book I looked at at B&N about organizing, but I forget the title. I think I may actually purchase that one. Maybe it will help calm my tendency to be borderline OCD. Hehe. That was a joke. Anyway, I also wanted to mention Julia's Poppies Design. I really like her style.

Thai food with Dokia in 55 minutes! Hooray! Love!

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